Landlords Info - Mitwohnzentrale Franken

Your lodging mediation centre for Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen

Founding: 1990

Corporate seat: Hallplatz 15-19, 90402 Nuremberg

Managing directors: Manuela Zollner and Thomas Basel

Corporate objective: mediation of furnished temporary flats and unfurnished objects to long-term tenants.

Our team of 14 employees works on nearly 200 sqm in Nuremberg.

Our team of 6 employees works on 100 sqm in Erlangen for you.

Our current offer contains approx. 1,700 objects.

What your offering should look like ideally:

The following criteria will bring best success for finding a tenant:

Traffic connection
Good connection to public transport should be present.

The preferred locations are in the old town, the centre or the calm fringe areas of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen.

A valid energy passport is necessary for renting out a property/not necessary for monument-protected buildings.


  • The flat should be fully furnished and equipped.
  • Most customers keep their main place of residence and want to avoid additional investments.
  • Light, modern equipment is popular.
  • A proper colour TV with cable/SAT connection is part of the standard equipment.
  • Internet connection should be available of course.
  • Kitchen equipment with some electrical appliances, bedclothes, and towels supplement the equipment.

if you are the main tenant instead of the owner, you need to ask your landlord for his consent.

Mitwohnzentrale Franken – Your premium partner for temporary accommodation

Our friendly and professional team will answer any questions and support you actively if there are any problems at any time.

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