General Terms and Conditions of Mitwohnzentrale Franken

General Terms and Conditions for the Agency Order/Registration for Persons looking to Rent, Valid as of 1 June 2015

Persons looking to rent are hereinafter referred to as Tenant. ISF Immobilien Service in Franken GmbH / Mitwohnzentrale Franken is hereinafter referred to as Mitwohnzentrale Franken.

  1. Agency free of commission fee for Tenant
    Mediation of a furnished/unfurnished flat or house by Mitwohnzentrale Franken is free of commission fee payments for Tenant.
  2. Rent offerings
    Tenant will receive rent offerings from Mitwohnzentrale Franken, by phone or in text form (email or fax). If any property offered is already known to Tenant, this must be reported to Mitwohnzentrale Franken without delay (within 24 hours) and documented on request.
  3. Prohibition of passing on rent offerings to third parties
    Tenants must not pass on any rent offerings they receive from Mitwohnzentrale Franken any third parties. The rent offerings are only intended for the potential tenant.
    In case of unauthorised disclosure, Tenant may be liable for damages towards Mitwohnzentrale Franken is unable to successfully rent out the flat offered to Tenant due to the inadmissible disclosure).
  4. Mitwohnzentrale Franken is not a party of the rent contract
    The obligations from the rent contract shall apply solely to Tenant and the landlord, but not to. Mitwohnzentrale Franken shall not be liable towards either party of the rent contract for any claims from the rent contract.
  5. Information obligations of Tenant
    1. Tenant commits to completing the registration of his or her flat search on truthfully.

    2. If Tenant enters into a rent contract for a rented property offered to him or her by Mitwohnzentrale Franken orally or in writing, he or she must report this to Mitwohnzentrale Franken without delay, but no later than within 24 hours, and submit a copy of the contract on request.

    3. If Tenant extends the rent once or repeatedly beyond the originally agreed period, this must be reported to Mitwohnzentrale Franken without delay and in advance from time to time, and a copy of the contract must be submitted on request.

  6. Applicable law, place of jurisdiction and severability
    1. The order by the person looking for a flat shall be subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

    2. Where permitted by law, the place of jurisdiction shall be Nuremberg.

As of 21 May 2015