Mitwohnzentrale Franken - Tenant questions

What is temporary housing and for whom is it suitable?

Whether you are coming to Nuremberg for some time on business or your new job is about to start and you don't have a suitable apartment yet or you are looking for the right project apartment for your future employees, Mitwohnzentrale has the solution: Flexible temporary living! This means you can rent an apartment or a house for a limited rental period. This offer is also ideal for experts, companies looking for project apartments, freelancers and PhD students or tenants looking for internship accommodation. Find your new home with our help - even if you are not yet on site.

What are the advantages of temporary living?

Full flexibility, little effort and much more personal than a hotel. At Mitwohnzentrale you will find short-term furnished and high-quality equipped apartments as well as fully furnished houses. Choose your individual furnishings and feel completely at home! Due to the tight housing market in Nuremberg, temporary living is particularly attractive here. There are no additional costs for tenants, the mediation itself is commission-free.

New offers in all price ranges every day! Active support in your apartment search! Rent a temporary furnished apartment now!

What is the rental price for temporary furnished living?

Average rents in central locations in Nuremberg:

The stated rents for furnished rentals already include the ancillary costs. The costs for electricity and heating are usually to be paid directly by the tenant. For more detailed information, please refer to the respective exposés.

Furnished 1-room apartment with kitchen + bathroom from 640 up to 990
Furnished 2-room apartment from 790 up to 1.290
Furnished 3-room apartment from 990 up to 1.990
Furnished house from 1.450 up to 2.490


Are online viewings possible?

You are not yet on site, but still want to make sure that your selected apartment corresponds to the pictures and meets your taste? No problem. No matter where in the world you are, Mitwohnzentrale Franken makes a viewing possible. With modern technology, we are happy to offer you an online viewing in your desired apartment.

How will the lease be handled?

Once you have found a suitable apartment, we will take care of drawing up the rental contract. Your wishes regarding the rental period are of course taken into account in it. As a rule, an inventory list is included as an appendix, which makes it easier to check the apartment's furnishings when you move in and out. As a rule, the contractual partner is not Mitwohnzentrale, but directly the respective landlord. Our rental agreements can be easily sent via DocuSign and digitally signed by you with just a few clicks.

Which documents does Mitwohnzentrale Franken need to draw up the rental agreement?

We require the following documents to prepare the lease:

  • a copy of identification of you and all persons moving in with you
  • Your current address
  • Your last three salary statements OR a copy of your employment contract
  • Your desired move-in date and the rental period

We will then draw up the rental agreement for you and send it to you by e-mail. The signature can also be done digitally.

Do I get a housing provider confirmation for registration when living in furnished accommodation?

In each of our apartments, you will of course receive an accommodation provider confirmation for registration. You will receive this after both parties have signed the rental agreement or at the latest when you receive the keys.

How must the deposit be paid?

The payment of the deposit is made upon move-in either in cash or with EC card or before move-in as a transfer to the account of the landlord. Payment by credit card is also possible.

How does the deposit refund work with temporary housing?

The deposit is refunded directly by the respective landlord of the apartment. After each move-out, a professional acceptance protocol including photo documentation is prepared by Mitwohnzentrale. The protocol as well as the taken pictures are sent to the tenant, the cleaning service, which was commissioned by the landlord, and the landlord. Based on this and after receiving the cleaning bill, the landlord transfers the deposit back to you. Usually this takes at least 6 weeks. It is important that you send us your bank details for the deposit refund no later than the day you move out.

Who registers electricity/gas and internet?

If you would like to take care of the registration yourself, we will be happy to provide you with the meter readings taken on the day you move in. Please send us the registration confirmation of the corresponding provider within 14 days.

What are the notice periods?

In the case of furnished accommodation, a 4-week period of notice to the end of the month usually applies. Cancellations in the middle of a month are unfortunately not possible, as this makes it more difficult to find a new tenant. For unfurnished housing, the statutory notice periods apply.

What happens if I want to move out?

When you move out, an acceptance protocol is drawn up, defects are recorded, meter readings are taken and the final cleaning is arranged by the landlord. Subsequently, the deposit will be settled directly by the respective landlord. The deposit will be returned to you promptly, provided that there are no major damages to be repaired, the costs of which will only be known after the repairs have been made. Your new address and bank details will be recorded on the acceptance report. Please arrange a return date with us approximately 10 days before moving out. More about our service offer.

How is the apartment cleaning/final cleaning after moving out?

We cooperate with several cleaning companies that have proven reliable in the past. If you want a weekly or monthly apartment cleaning, we will be happy to put you in touch with them. More about our service offer. The landlord hires one of these companies for the final cleaning, which is mandatory when you move out and is part of your occupancy contract. The costs will be charged by the landlord with the deposit. You will then receive the invoice in the course of your deposit settlement. You can find more detailed information on the final cleaning in the following PDF document: Information for the final cleaning of your apartment.

What does the service of Mitwohnzentrale Franken cost?

Our service is free of charge for our tenants. There is no agency commission! To make the start in Nuremberg even easier for our tenants, we offer some additional services that can be booked optionally. These can be found in our range of services.

How do I receive housing offers?

Please register via our registration form. You can fill it out directly online. You will then receive offers tailored to your wishes by e-mail within 24 hours.

What is a boarding house?

Our boarding houses/serviced apartments are fully furnished, modern apartments in prime city center locations. They are the perfect apartments for people who are new to Nuremberg and first want to get to know the area and the city. Apartments in boarding houses can be rented from a rental period of one month. The maximum rental period in our serviced apartments is 6 months.

What is the minimum rental period for temporary furnished living?

The minimum rental period is one month. For short-term rentals, we recommend one of our serviced apartments in our boarding houses. For longer stays, our furnished apartments are ideal.

Are pets allowed?

The possibility of renting with pets varies from landlord to landlord. Some landlords do not tolerate pets, with many landlords pets are no problem. However, a liability insurance is then a basic requirement for the successful rental.

Will my personal data be published?

We treat your data strictly confidential and observe the applicable regulations on data protection. We will provide the landlord with the necessary information in the event of queries about your person. Your data will only be passed on to third parties after consultation with you (e.g. passing on to successor tenants if you wish to move out).

Your Mitwohnzentrale Franken is of course at your disposal for further answers to your questions - just get in touch with us.