Home staging

Home staging optimally prepares your property for sale and enables a quick sale at the best possible price. We highlight the advantages of your property through a furnishing concept that is perfectly matched to the property. We tailor our home staging concept individually to your property. In this way, we skilfully set the scene for its special features and advantages. The result is a harmonious overall picture that contributes significantly to the success of the sale.

Advantage for the sale

Properties that are marketed with home staging are usually sold about 50% faster. ✓ A better sales price is achievable - on average, sellers receive a price that is approx. 17 % higher. ✓ The potential of your property becomes visible. ✓ Approx. 80 % more inquiries on online portals thanks to the professional presentation ✓ Potential buyers are more likely to identify with the property because they directly discover furnishing options.