Friendly, considerate, reliable, professional

There's nothing more to say about it. Dedicated employees. I am perfectly satisfied!

Autor Haydar am 31.07.2014

Professional team

Dear future customer of Mitwohnzentrale Nürnberg. The professional team of Mitwohnzentrale Nürnberg has helped me find a great flat for two young doctors from Romania very quickly. I honestly have to say that the Home Company treated us badly and made us feel that we had to prove that were weren't "criminals". In contrast to this, Mitwohnzentrale was very cordial and friendly towards foreigners. They acted very quickly and met all our wishes. We would like to thank them for this. All the best for their nice employees! Keep up the great work!

Yours, AK Andreea Klass

Very good cooperation

We often need furnished flats for our customers. Cooperation with Mitwohnzentrale has turned out to be very good at all times. Friendly and competent employees, a good offer and reliable processing in all areas. We always receive the flats very well taken care of, fully equipped and clean at handover. Good quality of the flats is ensured and the information in the offer is always accurate. The cleaning costs at return seem high at first glance, but according to our experience they are appropriate. The flats are thoroughly cleaned. Every tenant would like to have a clean flat when moving in. The final cleaning, incl. cabinets and inventory, must be accordingly thorough. The costs for the final cleaning are already indicated in the rent contract. We have had no problems with delays in the deposit repayments with any of our customers yet. Our experience with MWZ has been only positive so far.

Author UM on 22 March 2013

A competent and friendly team

Mitwohnzentrale has supported me wonderfully in looking for a flat. There was an active exchange of information, so that all of my wishes have been considered well. When I moved in, I received a beautiful and particularly very clean flat.

Author RH on 09 March 2013

Very good lease service

Mitwohnzentrale is a great partner for mediating flats. They take care of everything connected to renting, from key handover to acceptance of the flat when moving out or cleaning. They are the tenant's contact at all times. We have had some truly great experiences with them and can fully recommend them.

Author Hans Stallkamp on 04 February 2013

Top Agent

From the apartment owner's perspective, I am fully satisfied with Mitwohnzentrale. Renting out goes smoothly; the tenants are perfectly chosen; Notification of defects, maintenance needs or wishes, removal of damage and requests for improvement go smoothly, so that the respective tenants have always been fully satisfied. I live in the USA and couldn't wish for any more careful administrator of my flat!

Author Wolfgang Glasser on 03 February 2013

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