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Boardinghouse Nuremberg Koenigstrasse 25-27

Nice city apartment

Nürnberg, Zentrum
AG8035498 Object-ID
650,00 € per month

Nice apartment in the south of Nuremberg

Nürnberg, Reichelsdorf/Katzwang
AG8048977 Object-ID
890,00 € per month
AG8051089 Object-ID
990,00 € per month

New city apartment

Nürnberg, Zentrum
AG8050977 Object-ID
950,00 € per month

New city apartment

Nürnberg, Zentrum
AG8050976 Object-ID
690,00 € per month
92691 Object-ID
850,00 € per month
AG8049217 Object-ID
770,00 € per month

Nice apartment close to subway station

Nürnberg, Röthenbach/Schweinau
AG8001890 Object-ID
690,00 € per month
AG8049374 Object-ID
590,00 € per month
AG8050040 Object-ID
2.950,00 € per month

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