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Boardinghouse Nuremberg Koenigstrasse 25-27

High quality Apartment

Nürnberg, Thon
AG8027759 Object-ID
1.999,00 € per month
AG8067659 Object-ID
1.990,00 € per month
AG8069568 Object-ID
1.490,00 € per month

Nice flat near Herzogenaurach

Veitsbronn, Fürth
AG8060939 Object-ID
1.190,00 € per month

nice in the im Nibelungen-area

Nürnberg, Nürnberg-Süd
AG8069868 Object-ID
1.650,00 € per month

beautiful apartment on the fist floor

Nürnberg, Gartenstadt
AG8039199 Object-ID
1.190,00 € per month

Very nice, big flat in Langwasser

Nürnberg, Langwasser
AG8048546 Object-ID
1.350,00 € per month
AG8020810 Object-ID
690,00 € per month

Beautiful maisonette flat at Dutzendteich

Nürnberg, Nürnberg-Süd
AG8055490 Object-ID
1.290,00 € per month
AG8013421 Object-ID
450,00 € per month

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